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    Understanding lake data
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White River Millpond documents and videos
Welcome to the Lake District handout

Legal documents
White River Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District Bylaws
Wisconsin statutes chapter 33--Public inland waters

Clean Boats Clean Waters program
Watercraft inspection form
Watercraft inspection information

Important DNR documents
A guide for Wisconsin lake organizations

Important White River Millpond documents
2000 Aquatic plant management plan
2004 Sensitive Area Designation report
2013 Aquatic invasive species survey
2013 Lake summary report
2016 Water quality test results
2016 Lake district management plan
2019 Dam inspection report
2019 DASH grant proposal
2020 Red Alert notification procedures and Maintenance plan
2021 Water quality test results-Spring
Minutes of 12/16/2021 Board meeting & 2021 Wisconsin Lake and Pond Resource LLC proposal
    Aquatic Plant Management Strategic Analysis - This DNR document contains information on chemicals in proposal
        Page 132 contains information on Aquastrike (diquat) and page 152 on ProcellaCOR (liquid florpyrauxifen-benzyl)
    Results of 2021 Wisconsin Lake and Pond Resource LLC proposal survey
2021 Water quality test results-Fall 
2013-2021 Stream flow data
2022 Lake water chemical analysis
2022 Water quality test results-Spring

Informative documents
Goose damage management options (from 9/04/2021 lake district meeting)
Goose management--USDA publication
    Goose management--Property permission form
Groundwater recharge report for Waushara County--2014
Pleasant Lake vs Richfield Dairy ruling--2014
    The Rock River Times--Friends of the Central Sands show dropping water levels (09/03/2014)
    Milw Journal Sentinel--Judge rules against DNR on high capacity welll issue (09/05/2014)
Understanding lake data
Wisconsin Land Use Megatrends--How healthy is your water?

Informative videos
Natural shorelines--Produced in Michigan but still valuable for us